Cavity Wall Extraction

Stop damp and mould and restore the health of your home.

What is cavity wall extraction?

Cavity wall extraction removes defective insulation from cavity walls. It’s needed when existing insulation is damaged, poorly installed, or causing damp or mould.

To remove it, air is blown into the cavity. It breaks down the material which gathers on the floor and is collected by removing bricks from the floor.

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Benefits of cavity wall extraction

There are many benefits to having cavity wall extraction including:

  • It can fix mould and damp issues
  • Improves indoor air quality if mould and damp stopped
  • Other structural or building issues can be spotted
  • Cavity wall cleaned and prepared for new insulation

Disadvantages of cavity wall extraction

Disadvantages of cavity wall insulation include:

  • Cost and disruption
  • Less energy efficiency with insulation removed
  • Cost to reinsulate
  • Incorrect extraction can lead to structural damage
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Is your home suitable for cavity wall extraction?

Cavity wall insulation is suitable for your home if:

  • Your cavity wall insulation has become defective
  • Your cavity wall insulation is no longer effective
  • If you have solid walls you can still get help with insulation