Solid Wall Insulation

Keep the heat in and the cold out

What is solid wall insulation?

Unlike cavity walls where a the gap between walls is filled with insulating material, solid wall insulation can be only be insulated either internally or externally.

Houses built before 1930 were not built with cavity walls so need solid wall insulation.


Benefits of solid wall insulation

There are many benefits to solid wall Insulation including:

  • Lower fuels bills
  • Can be done room by room
  • Reduces heat loss through your walls
  • Prevents cold air entering your home
  • Your homes temperature is more consistent
  • Lowers carbon footprint
  • Reduces outside noise
  • Cooler in summer – warmer in winter
  • Lower risk of mould and condensation

Disadvantages of solid wall insulation

Disadvantages of solid wall insulation include:

  • Floor area reduce by up to 100mm per room
  • Temporary disruption while work is carried out
  • Skirting, door frames and fittings have to be removed and reattached
  • Damp issues must be resolved first
  • Fixing heavy items to walls may require special fixings
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Is your home suitable for solid wall insulation?

Solid wall insulation is suitable if :

  • You have solid walls without cavities
  • You don’t have rising damp