Enjoy lower energy bills while turning your house into an energy efficient, eco friendly & happy home

Retrofitting with us

Whether we’re installing air source heat pumps, ventilation systems or wall insulation, we help homeowners across the country:

  • Tackle fuel poverty
  • Reduce carbon emissions
  • Live in greener homes

We are PAS 2030 accredited, follow Trustmark guidelines and are rated Excellent by Trustpilot.

Lower Farm Academy

Experienced team

We have an experienced retrofitting team of coordinators, assessors, advisors and installers who have successfully completed thousands of projects nationwide.

Our work ranges from  single measures, such as loft insulation, to whole-house upgrades with solar energy and air source heat pumps.

Trustmark and PAS2030 accredited

Choosing the right company to retrofit your home is crucial. Good work can be ruined by poor design, planning and assessments which can leave your home worse off and increase your bills.

Our reputation has been built on delivering real, measurable results. Results that increase your property’s value and lower your energy bills.

Helping you every step of the way

Our team start by guiding you through the complicated grants and funding schemes available. We make sure you receive every penny you are eligible for.

We can help you apply – and once approved, carry out the work for you. With fast turn around times we can start work in less then 48hrs.

Our Services

Our energy-efficient boilers keep your house at the right temperature and reduce energy use and greenhouse gas emissions. Enjoy cost savings, and improved comfort for your heating and hot water needs.
270-ai PROCERT 1ST SHOOT - low REZ
Discover innovation that transforms your living space. Cutting-edge air source heat pump technology efficiently provides heating while reducing your carbon footprint and energy bills.
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Our cavity wall extraction service removes deteriorated or ineffective insulation from your walls. We then install new, efficient insulation to improve your homes energy efficiency and comfort.
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Our first-time central heating service will warm your home, enhance its comfort and reduce your energy costs. Find out how you can modernise your heating system today and see if you qualify.
352-ai PROCERT 1ST SHOOT - low REZ
Our solar panel captures sunlight and converts it into electricity. We offer a sustainable, renewable energy source that reduces your electricity bills and environmental impact.
Interior wall thermal insulating, 3d illustration
Add insulation material into the walls of your home to enhance its energy efficiency and reduce heat loss. Visit our page and find out how you qualify for cavity wall insulation today.
Master installs the overlapping thermal insulation in the room. Floor heating installation. Male hand holds reinforced tape. Repair in the apartment, floor insulation.
Underfloor insulation adds insulating materials beneath the floor your building. To prevent heat loss, improve energy efficiency, and maintain consistent temperatures in your home contact us.
Ladder Going Into Attic, Attic Insulation
Our loft insulation service involves installing insulating materials in the roof of your home. You can reduce heat loss, conserve energy, and improve indoor comfort by maintaining consistent temperatures.
Our Room-in-roof insulation service insulates your loft and enhances energy efficiency and maintains comfortable temperatures, creating a habitable living area.
Woman opening windows to ventilate the room. Original image sourced from US Government department: Public Health Image Library, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Under US law this image is copyright free, please credit the government department whenever you can”.
Window insulation enhances energy efficiency by minimising heat transfer, reducing energy costs and improving indoor comfort and noise reduction. To explore your options contact us today.
With our solid wall insulation we add insulating material to the exterior or interior walls of your building. Enhance energy efficiency, reduce heat loss, and improve the comfort of your home.
352-ai PROCERT 1ST SHOOT - low REZ
Our solar panel captures sunlight and converts it into electricity. We offer a sustainable, renewable energy source that reduces your electricity bills and environmental impact.

Customer Results


“Eco Approach sorted everything out for us. They installed a new boiler and loft insulation, quickly without fuss. We’re now paying less every month on our energy bills.”

Rizwan Khan
Preston, New boiler & loft insulation

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