Terms & Conditions

When you place an order on https://www.ecoapproach.co.uk/ you directly enter into a contractual relationship with us by ordering services.

These Terms apply when you order our services at https://www.ecoapproach.co.uk/

Effective date:30.10.2023

When you visit our websites, when you interact with our content, when you request a quote, or when you place an order for our services, these Terms apply.

“The Company”/”Us” refers to the Eco Approach Ltd which directly provides services to Customers, by assigning orders to Fieldworkers.

“Website” refers to this website where Customers can place an order.

“Customer” / “You” refers to both commercial entities and individuals to whom the Fieldworker provides his/her services

“Terms” / “Agreement” refers to these Terms of Service

“Services” refers to all services that could be provided by the relevant Fieldworker, including, but not limited to Energy Performance Certificates, Gas and Electrical work, Fire Risk Assessment, Asbestos Survey, and Portable Appliance Test. A list of all services that can be ordered by our Customers can be found on our websites.

When you place an order on https://www.ecoapproach.co.uk/ you directly enter into a contractual relationship with us by ordering services.
Company Name: Eco Approach Ltd

Company Number: 08624580

Company registered business address: 182a High Street, Beckenham, England, BR3 1EW

Company email address: hello@ecoapproach.co.uk

When you place an order on https://www.ecoapproach.co.uk/ you directly enter into a contractual relationship with us by ordering services.
When you place an order on this Website, we assign the service you ordered to a specific Fieldworker. The Fieldworker performs his/her services under the direct control of us and on behalf of us.

For a detailed description of each service, refer to our website and click on the relevant service.

When you visit our websites and click on the service you are interested in, you will be redirected to the order page where you can fill out your details so that our system can present you with a quote for the service you are interested in

The Company determines the price for each service you request by taking into account various factors such as the type of service you request, and the nature and characteristics of the premises.

The payment amount shall become due on the date agreed by the Parties. .

If Parties agree that the Customer will pay the amount due up front
Once a Customer fills out the order form, he/she shall make the full payment presented on the checkout page before the requested service can be rendered.

If Parties agree that the Customer will be provided with credit then the terms will be outlined on a credit agreement signed by the Customer.
All payments are in £(British Pound).

All prices exclude VAT.

The fee for residential EPCs is fixed for buildings that are less than 150m2, regardless of the number of bedrooms. For larger buildings, a quote must be obtained prior to booking. Should we attend a property that is larger than 150m2, an additional fee may be requested before we can lodge the report.

The Company reserves the right to apply a surcharge to properties within a rural location. The Company would confirm this in writing with the Customer prior to works being carried out.

Pricing for EICRs is based on the property having the same amount of fuse boards as selected on the order form. If there are additional fuse boards on site then these will be charged at an additional £100+var per board. The price covers a maximum of 10 circuits per fuse board, additional circuits are £20+vat each.

The bundle ‘EICR + PAT’ assumes one fuse board with a maximum of 10 circuits and covers up to 10 portable appliances.

Under these Terms, all warranties, conditions, and other terms implied by statute or common law are excluded to the maximum extent allowed under the applicable laws.

The Customer hereby agrees that the Company shall not be held liable for any loss of profit, loss of goods, loss of data, or loss of goodwill arising out of or in relation to the acts or omissions of the Customer or for any indirect, and/or consequential losses, damages and expenses that may be incurred by the Customer.

The Company hereby disclaims all express or implied warranties, including warranties of satisfactory quality and fitness for a particular purpose.

Under no circumstances shall the total liability of the Company in relation to access to its Website and provision of its services exceed £100.

The Customer shall indemnify and hold harmless the Company, our partners, our directors, our employees, and other personnel(“Indemnified”) from and against any and all demands, claims, causes of action, losses, damages, liabilities, costs, and expenses asserted by any third party against the indemnified persons resulting from any breach of the Customer of his/her obligations, representations, statements or warranties(“Indemnifying party”) or negligence by the Customer.

The Customer hereby acknowledges and agrees that the Company does not guarantee or promise any particular result, or achievement for the Customer’s use of the Company services.

The Customer frees the Company of any liability for its failure to obtain any particular result or achievement by using the Company’s services.

In the event that you cancel your order within 24 hours after your order is confirmed, you will be entitled to a full refund.

If you cancel your order after this 24-hour window, you will be charged a cancellation fee of 25£.

In the event that we cancel your order, we will notify you of such cancellation as soon as practicable and give you a full refund.

You warrant that when you arrange an appointment with the Fieldworker, an adult will be present to allow the Fieldworker to get access to the property at the agreed appointment time. In the event that the fieldworker is unable to gain access to the property within 20 minutes of the agreed appointment time, a call out fee will be charged. A call out fee will be charged relative to the service taking into account objective factors such as location and cost of service, In some instances this may result in the full fee.

You warrant that you will comply with all applicable laws, regulations, and policies.

You acknowledge and agree that the provision of services starts at the time you place an order and make the payment.

You warrant that You shall not make any false or misleading representations regarding the Company.

You warrant that You will not infringe the rights of third parties or public order.

You agree to provide the Company with all necessary information, data, and documents to enable the Company to provide its services.

You hereby warrant that all information and data You provide to the Company and to the Fieldworker is true, accurate, and not misleading.

You agree that the timeframe given for the provision of a service is not guaranteed.

You agree that if you note an error within the certificate either with the rating, recommendation, or address you will highlight this within 1 month of instruction of the service. After this date, we are unable to make amendments.

When conducting some of our inspections, the power to the property will need to be turned off (predominantly for electrical work). In some rare circumstances, some faulty appliances may not work when power is restored. Therefore it is down to the customer to ensure all devices are appropriately shut down or switched off prior to our arrival. We will not accept any liability for appliances/ items that suffer a fault when the power is turned off.

You warrant that you will not involve in any of the following activities when accessing the Company website and using the company services:

Submitting false, misleading, or inaccurate information
Using our website, content, or services for any unlawful purpose or to solicit others to involve in any type of unlawful acts
Infringing upon the Company’s intellectual property rights or those of third parties
Harassing, intimidating, abusing anyone
Any type of fraudulent activity
Interfering with or circumventing the security measures we put in place

Our Website, Content, and services are and remain our property and those of our licensors.

You hereby warrant that you will not:

Reverse engineer or attempt to extract the source code of our Website except as permitted under the applicable law,

License, sublicense, copy, modify, distribute, create, sell, resell, transfer, or lease any part of our Website and its Content,

Create, register, or operate any (i) businesses, (ii) URLs, (iii) domain names, (iv) software application names or titles, or (v) social media profiles that include our Company’s name, its Marks, or its Works or any confusingly similar name, mark or work.

The Company may terminate these Terms with immediate effect if the Customer:

Commits any gross misconduct affecting the business of the Company
Commit any serious or any repeated breach of any of these Terms
The Customer may terminate this Agreement if the Company:

Commits any serious breach of the provisions of these Terms.

The Company can unilaterally change these Terms.

Any changes made to these Terms shall become effective immediately upon being placed on the Company website.

You agree that you will exclusively use our Company’s services and its platform to submit orders and make payments.

You agree that you will not circumvent our services and/or payment processes.

This Agreement constitutes the entire agreement between the Parties and supersedes all prior understandings, representations, and agreements.

The Laws of England and Wales shall govern this Agreement and any dispute arising thereof.

Courts of England and Wales shall have exclusive jurisdiction to handle any claims or disputes arising in relation to or out of this Agreement.