Room In Roof Insulation

A simple, effective and quick way to lower bills

What is Room-in-roof insulation?

Room-in-roof (RIR) insulation insulates loft room floors, walls and slopes. Once the insulation is complete, the area is skimmed ready to be redecorated.

‘Room-in-roof’ insulation is different from loft insulation. Loft insulation only lays material between the joists and doesn’t need plastering after.


Benefits of Room-in-roof insulation?

There are many benefits to Room-in-roof insulation including:

  • Reduce heat loss through your roof
  • Prevent cold air from entering your home
  • Enjoy a consistent home temperature
  • Lower your homes carbon footprint
  • Reduce outside noise & Improve fire safety
  • Quick, with little disruption

Disadvantages of Room-in-roof insulation

The disadvantages to Room-in-roof insulation including:

  • Can compact over time
  • Ventilation issues may prevent installation
  • Your roof must be in good condition
  • Inhalation hazard when installing
person installing insulation in a house
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Is your home suitable for Room-in-roof insulation?

Room-in-roof insulation is suitable for most homes. If your roof is in poor condition, remedial work may have to take place before work can begin.