"Providing national installations of smart thermostats"

boiler thermostat on wall

Leading smart thermostat provider

Our client supplies the UK’s leading smart home technology. In nearly 2 million homes, their smart products help homes reduce their carbon footprint and make life easier.


Their award winning smart thermostat forms the core of their technology line-up. Installing thermostats quickly and on-time was crucial to a successful nationwide roll out.

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Lower Farm Academy

The challenge

As sales rocketed they struggled to meet the demand for professional installations. This was due to engineer shortages and having to prioritise servicing, breakdowns and boiler replacements instead.

They calculated it was costing them £6.2m of lost annual revenue.

How we helped

We completed high volume installations across the country and reduced customer waiting times and complaints.

We also successfully met the challenges of national contracts, including:

  • Performing consistently high quality work
  • Lower then average recall rates
  • Full geographic coverage
  • Covering the dispatching of work from our UK offices
Lower Farm Academy