Window Insulation

Block harmful UV & IR light, reduce mould & condensation, and improve energy efficiency

What is window insulation?

Window insulation reduces heat loss by adding a layer to windows. it’s a quick and simple procedure ideal for single glazed windows and means you don’t have to replace your existing windows.

It also blocks dangerous UV and IR light and improves thermal resistance and reduces condensation.


Benefits of window insulation

There are many benefits to window insulation including:

  • Lower fuels bills
  • Ideal for older home with single glazing
  • Your house will heat up quicker
  • It will also lose heat slower
  • Your homes temperature is more consistent
  • Blocks UV & IR light & prevents condensation

Disadvantages of window insulation

Disadvantages of window insulation include:

  • Initial cost
  • Temporary disruption while work is carried out
  • Not suitable for every home
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Is your home suitable for window insulation?

Window insulation is suitable if :

  • Your home has single glazed windows