Our story


In 2013 Eco Approach founder Tom Harrington set out to disrupt the property industry with his online estate agency.

The early days were not easy. Running a business out of a spare room was tough. Finding reliable partners to issue certificates for clients nationwide was even tougher.

Tom had a ‘lightbulb’ moment.

Lower Farm Academy
Lower Farm Academy


Convinced his frustrations were experienced by estate agents nationwide, he pivoted to focus on property certification.

Tom believed that by building a reliable and trusted company, backed by excellent customer service and high-quality work, customers would respond positively. 

Today, Eco Approach is the UK’s largest supplier of property certificates. We serve landlords, property companies, housing associations and local governments. Clients include ‘big 6’ energy firms and blue chip organisations.

New services have also been added including, electrical, gas heating, and Net Zero services. 


We’re embracing the opportunities around energy efficiency using the latest technology. 

Through our work we’re committed to helping make the planet greener, more sustainable and a better place for everyone. 

Together, on the right path.

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