Everything you need to know to get started with the EC04 scheme

What's an ECO4 grant?

The Energy Company Obligation (ECO4) is a government scheme to reduce carbon emissions and fuel poverty nationwide. Starting in July 2022 it runs to March 2026.

ECO4 grants can be used to help you upgrade your home. They cover a range of measures from loft, cavity and solid wall insulation to boiler repairs and more.

 Grants cover the cost of the upgrade – so you don’t pay a penny.

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How does it work?

ECO4 helps lower heating bills. It focuses on low-income or fuel-poor households and those at risk. Your energy company decides which upgrades you can do.

Under the ECO scheme energy suppliers are subject to a Home Heating Cost Reduction Obligation (HHCRO). This means they must help vulnerable, low-income, and fuel-poor households:

  • Heat their homes
  • Reduce energy consumption
  • Improve energy efficiency

This is done by installing insulation or updating heating systems or other measures.

Who qualifies?

Your property must be in EPC bands D to G depending if you are a homeowner or private renter. If you receive one of the benefits below you may be eligible:

  • Income-based job seekers’ allowance
  • Income-related employment and support allowance
  • Income support or Working tax credit
  • Pension credit or savings guarantee credit
  • Child tax credit & Child benefit (with dependencies)
  • Universal Credit or Housing benefit

If you qualify, a retrofit assessment of your home takes place. This shows you all the measures you can do to improve your properties energy efficiency.

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How to apply

Gather Required Documents

This could include confirmation of income, bank statements and proof of benefits received.

Check If You Qualify

Contact us and we an check to see if you qualify. We can then help you apply and sumbit your application.


If approved, installers will then carry out the improvements and make your home more energy efficient.


Is it really free?

Yes, if you qualify. All work is then carried out for free. It is funded by the government and energy companies so you do not pay a penny.

To qualify you must be a homeowner or have approval from your landlord if you’re a tenant. You must also receive a qualifying benefit. Eligibility criteria varies based on the ECO scheme.

No, we carry out the assessment, gather qualifying documents and do the work. We then submit the work to the energy companies for payment. Customers cannot receive grant money. We only get paid when the work is completed.

The total funding available from an energy efficiency grant varies depending on:

  • The type of energy-saving measures being implemented
  • Your eligibility based on income and benefits

An ECO Grant can cover up to two-thirds of the cost of energy-efficient upgrades, up to a maximum government contribution of £5,000. If you are on income-based or disability benefits is can rise to £10,000 of energy-saving improvements.

The benefits qualifying include:

  • income-based job seekers allowance
  • income-related employment and support allowance
  • income support
  • pension credit guarantee credit
  • working tax credit
  • child tax credit
  • universal credit
  • housing benefit
  • pension credit savings credit
  • child benefit

Each benefit has specific conditions that must also be met.

ECO grants cover a range of energy-efficient improvements. These include: Insulation measures such as loft, wall, underfloor, and roof insulation. Heating upgrades Installation of renewable heating systems such as air source or ground source heat pumps. Specific improvements depend on the ECO scheme and individual eligibility.

You may be eligible for one or more energy efficient measures, however, we are not able to advise on what they may be before carrying out an assessment. After your property has had a retrofit assessment survey and a retrofit coordinator has designed the plan for your home, we can advise on which measures work best for your home.