Energy Efficient Boilers

More heat, less waste

What is an energy-efficient boiler?

Energy efficient boilers turn more of their energy into heating. For every pound spent, more is converted into heat then wasted.

Energy-efficient boilers convert around 90% of energy to heat compared to 65% with older boilers.

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Benefits of energy-efficient boilers

There are many benefits to installing energy-efficient boilers including:

  • Higher energy efficiency and lower energy bills
  • Recovers flue gases which older boiler cannot
  • Environmentally friendly, producing fewer greenhouse gases
  • Better heating performance and space saving design

Disadvantages of energy-efficient boilers

The disadvantages to installing energy-efficient boilers include:

  • Cost more then traditional boilers
  • More complex to install
  • May not be compatible with existing heating system
  • Harder to repair and find people to carry out repairs
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Should I upgrade to an energy-efficient boiler?

If you can install an energy-efficient boiler, the long term benefits for your home, the environment and your pocket are well worth it.

To find out how you can get an energy-efficient boiler for your home, fully funded, contact us today