Job Description

About Us

ECO Approach Ltd is a leading property certification & Installation company specialising in compliance, certification, gas heating, electrical installations, servicing & repairs and energy efficiency improvements.

ECO Approach visits over 10,000 properties per month across the UK carrying out our services. This is split between a B2C element working on behalf of landlords and homeowners directly and a B2B model working with estate agents, housing associations, energy companies and other businesses that would require our services.

ECO Approach is expanding its business activities through launching its Retrofit Division in the North West from our Preston office, focussed on bringing our strategic and operational expertise into the market, capitalising on both the private and public sector funding schemes.

The Role:

The purpose of the job for a Retrofit Assessor in the context of surveying properties within the ECO4 scheme, GBIS Scheme, and Council projects is to conduct comprehensive assessments of properties to identify energy efficiency improvement opportunities and recommend appropriate retrofit measures.

The role plays a vital part in supporting the implementation of these schemes and projects, which aim to enhance energy efficiency, reduce carbon emissions, and improve the overall sustainability of properties across the UK.

The role will include undertaking a Retrofit Assessment for any Retrofit measures as required, drawing up accurate floor plans of the property and submitting in-line with retrofit compliance.

We are seeking a highly motivated and experienced Retrofit Assessor to join our team. As a Retrofit Assessor, you will be responsible for assessing properties to identify areas for energy-saving retrofits.

You will work with local authorities, architects, homeowners, and contractors to provide recommendations for retrofitting measures that will improve energy efficiency, reduce energy consumption, and enhance occupant comfort. The ideal candidate will have a strong understanding of energy modeling, low carbon technologies, and relevant regulations.

Key Responsibilities

  • Survey, assess and report on major renewable, whole house retrofit projects and specify Energy Efficiency Measures (EEM) to ensure all homes reach EPC band C by 2030. .
  • Conducting thorough surveys (whole house approach) and assessments of properties to evaluate their current energy performance and identify areas for energy efficiency improvement.
  • Recommending suitable retrofit measures based on the specific requirements of the ECO4 scheme, GBIS Scheme, and Council projects, aligning with their respective guidelines and objectives.
  • Ensuring that all assessments and retrofit recommendations adhere to the standards and regulations outlined in the relevant schemes and projects, guaranteeing high-quality and safe retrofit outcomes.
  • Collaborating with stakeholders, including homeowners, local authorities, and project managers, to integrate the recommended measures into the overall retrofit plan.
  • Staying updated with the latest energy-efficient technologies and retrofit best practices to provide up-to-date and relevant advice.
  • Communicating effectively with property owners and occupants to explain the survey findings and retrofit recommendations clearly.
  • Providing support and guidance to clients throughout the retrofit process, addressing any questions or concerns they may have.
  • Contributing to the success of the ECO4 scheme, GBIS Scheme, and Council projects by facilitating the implementation of energy-efficient measures and supporting the achievement of their carbon reduction and sustainability goals.
  • Ensuring that assessments are conducted in a manner that considers the specific needs and circumstances of the property and its occupants, promoting a client-centered approach to retrofit solutions.
  • Collaborating with other professionals, such as Retrofit Coordinators and designers, to ensure seamless coordination and successful implementation of the retrofit projects.
  • Be aware of the need to observe confidentiality and professional boundaries.
  • Be aware of responsibilities in respect of data protection and other relevant legislation in the treatment of confidential and personal information.
  • Take personal responsibility for the understanding and application of the Retrofit ECO Schemes by the team and individuals and striving for continuous improvement.
  • Ensure that IT Security and Data Protection Legislation is adhered to at all times.

Qualification Required

(R = Required, D = Desirable)

Accreditation as a Domestic Energy Assessor with any scheme provider (R)

  • Retrofit Assessor qualification (R)
  • Strong knowledge of domestic dwellings and regulations related to retrofitting and PAS 2035. (R)
  • Technically Minded – Attention to detail, Excellent analytical, organizational, and problem-solving skills. (R)
  • Strong communication and interpersonal skills to work effectively with clients, stakeholders, and team members.(D)
  • Ability to work independently and as part of a team to manage multiple projects simultaneously. (R)
  • Have a full, clean driving license, vehicle will be provided (R)
  • Used to working to deadlines in fast paced environment


  • Retrofit: 1 year (R)
  • DEA: 1 year (R)
  • Surveying: 1 year (D)

Skills Required

  • Building and Construction
  • Problem-Solving Knowledge
  • Teamwork and Collaboration
  • Energy Efficiency Expertise
  • Adaptability
  • Retrofit PAS Standards and Regulations
  • Attention to Detail
  • Technical Aptitude
  • Time Management
  • Data Analysis
  • Environmental Awareness
  • Communication Skills
  • Ethical Conduct
  • Client-Centered Approach


  • Salary: £35,000.00-£39,000.00 per year
  • Annual Leave: 20 days Annual leave + Bank Holidays
  • Job Type: Full time
  • Location: Preston
  • Shift Hours: Hours are 8am-5pm Monday to Friday (1 hour break)
  • Company Van & Fuel Card Provided
  • Work mobile phone provided
  • All tools and equipment provided
  • Company Pension (Pension provider is NEST. 5% employee contribution and 3% company)
  • Monthly payment – Paid on the 27th of every month.